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Keep On Keepin' On

We dedicate this line of our core collection to our beloved father who passed away April 3, 2016 after battling cancer. Diagnosed sixteen short months before, he never once complained or asked, “Why me?” He had faith. He trusted. He believed. He had hope. He lived with purpose and intention. Most importantly, he dearly loved all those around him. From the day he was diagnosed until shortly before his passing, he wrote an email titled the “Late Night News.” Everyday he bravely shared from his heart, hoping to leave a positive mark on someones life. He often closed the Late Night News with “Keep on keepin’ on.” That is what he did. He was strong and fearless for everyone.

In memory and honor of Dad (Al) and all who are battling cancer, 50% of the proceeds from our Keep on Keepin’ on line will be donated to cancer research.

Help us find a cure. Together we can make a difference.

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